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Lahermitage Resorts- A Haven amidst the tranquil hills

Nestled in the hills of Silvar Lansdown, Lahermitage Resorts provide you an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate while enjoying the beauty of nature. Situated near the charming wilderness of Kaligarh Tiger Reserve, Corbett National Park, Lahermitage Resorts provide you a unique recluse from the hustle-bustle of your daily routines.

Corbett is a stunning landscape adorned by divine nature full of diverse flora & fauna. An unmatched destination for the nature and wildlife photographers. A picturesque and relaxing site where early morning rays and chirping birds will greet you early in the morning and strip away all your stress of the city life. Our jim corbett resorts and villas open up to the majestic views of the hills that helps you detox and rekindle your energies.
At Lahermiatage Resorts, we believe in providing superior hospitality at every turn that leaves you with smile and memories to cherish. With indoor activities and game rooms, the kids can have fun while you unwind amidst nature.
For luxury leisure vacations Lahermitage Resorts are the best jim corbett resorts where you can
enjoy and connect to the nature with a unique jungle experience. Private Villas and modern amenities make your stay comfortable at our Jim Corbett Resorts.

At our Jim Corbett Resorts, we have personalize services, dedicated to making your holiday memorable.

Create new memories and bid adieu to your woes.

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